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Washing your laundry in the washing machine may seem to be the easiest household chore; you just have to put the clothes in the washer, add detergent and push the button.

 However, not many people realize the common mistakes they commit while using the machine. Here are a few common mistakes that everyone  must avoid:

<a href="//" title="SEMrush" target="_blank"><img src="//" alt="SEMrush" /></a>1. Overloading the Machine

This is the most common mistake committed by many users again & again in their life while washing cloths. The modern day washing machines have higher loading capacity and it would be quite tempting to push-in one more cloth, but, don’t ever do that if you do that you will not satisfied with washing quality of your washing machine. Even the large capacity machines haves their own limitation and you should not exceed it. When the machine is too full, the detergent and water won’t suffice for the amount of laundry and this hampers the wash quality. So next time when you go for washing consider above point  in mind for better washing.



2. Using the Same Cycle/Setting for all Kinds of Washes

You must know that different ‘wash cycles’ serve different purposes and they are worth exploring rather than sticking to the same cycle every time you use the machine. Normally what happened we go for same set of washing module for all cloths. You may often use the regular cycle or the delicate cycle but if you want to clean your carpet or mats, you need to switch to heavy settings. This not only offers extra rinses but also helps in removing the stubborn stains.

3. Washing Shirts with Buttons Up

Putting your shirts buttoned up in the washing machine may seem to be a good idea, but it is not. Washing the shirt like this way would actually stress the buttons and the button holes, which in turn would lead to premature breakage. So, make sure you take time to unbutton the shirts before tossing them in the washer.

4. Not Cleaning the Dispensers

Your washing machine would probably have more than one dispenser, one for detergent and for fabric softener. At the end of the cycle, remove the dispenser out and rinse it well. Leave the detergent drawer open to let the dampness evaporate otherwise it would cause foul smell.

These are really simple ways through which you can ensure that your washing machine stays well maintained and runs for longer time effectively.

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good information about how to avoid mistakes while using washing machines

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good information about how to wash cloth.....

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