Daenyx strives to bring to the market groundbreaking,innovative products of avant-grade design and services that address consumers evolving needs. By combining customer insight with imagination, Daenyx aims to develop products which set the new industry standards and to be the leading brand.

The Company main priority is to provide luxurious and enjoyable living standards accompanied with comfort and safety to each and every place to meet the modern lifestyle demands.

The company works through a standard policy to develop products periodically every year because it believes in the importance of keeping up with the latest technological updates in the industry.

The company is looking forward to maintaining its position in manufacturing and producing all kinds of LED TV, DVD Players, Home theaters, ACs, washing machines, water dispensers and home appliances.


With the strength of more than 1400 employees, the company’s goal is to enable the intelligent networking of digital products that will make consumers’ lives easier than ever. Daenyx aims to provide not only utility functions, but also give an elegant touch to home interiors.

Daenyx continues to anchor its business on one key theme – value creation for all consumers. Product innovation, propelled by cutting-edge convergence technology designed to enhance the lives of people around the world, continues to be its main thrust in introducing new products and to lead in the market. That is also why Daenyx invests heavily on research and development.

Value for money continues to be a primary consideration because Daenyx wants the Indian consumer to experience the good life for less. Also customer satisfaction is very important. Daenyx’s endeavor is to make products that connect with the customer. The company believes that customers like the way they are treated when they buy a product, and should feel glad they have bought the product. Daenyx responds quickly to any customer who might have a problem with the product once they have bought it.

Daenyx products are available nationwide through a network of distributors and dealers.